Basketball Returns on Superbowl Sunday - Jazz @ Kings:.

Fans Hate the Players - The latest incident where a player went into the stands after a fan at a basketball game once again shows an increasing division between fan and player.

Deer Hunters Are a Strange Species - Before there were grocery stores and fast food restaurants, people hunted for food.

Take a Hike and Make a Friend - Some of the most rewarding days that I have ever experienced have been taking a walk in the woods.

A Quick Guide to Backgammon Rules - Backgammon rules are easy-to-follow once you have read a good set of them and have played a beginner game against an opponent.

Sania Mirza Getting Padma Sri Is It Justified Too Early A Hype Or Something Else - Sania Mirza was conferred with the Padma Shri last week.

Nebraskas Heisman hero - Like many Heisman Trophy winners before him, Eric Crouch has found out stardom in the college ranks is not a guaranteed ticket to pro football fame and fortune.

Daily Basketball Betting Advice PistonsHornets Game of the Day - Tuesday's best game will surprise you and that is the Piston-Hornets matchup.

Better Ski Technique Skiing The Steep In Powder Snow - If you are a competent off piste skier read on; otherwise it would be a good idea to read the two articles that introduce you to powder skiing, which you can find elsewhere.

Horse Riding Exercises Figure of Eight - Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to get your horse into the corners of the riding school, and why he/she tries to stick firmly to the track made by the other horses? Riding school horses are notoriously adept at this.

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