Arizona DBacks vs Cincinnati Reds

"I just had a bad day," said Cruz, who allowed the nine, runs in five hits, three walks and two hit batsmen. "That was the worst game in my entire career." But the D'Backs can't worry too much about this game because they had their share of runs too, it was just a bad first inning for Arizona, and there's a long season still ahead.

Craig Counsell, SS. 2.Eric Byrnes, CF. 3.

Chad Tracy, 3rd B. 4. Luis Gonzalez, LF. 5.

Conor Jackson, 1st B. 6. Shawn Green, RF. 7.Johnny Estrada, C.

8.Orlando Hudson, 2nd B. 9.

Juan Cruz, P.

Last week against the Pirates the Reds were trailing 6-0 and finished 9-8 in a game that was thrilling from beginning to end, The Cincinnati Reds seemed out of this one early. They were down by six runs in the first inning and a sixth consecutive loss looked all but certain.

Ken Griffey Jr.

's soft line drive single drove in two runs during a four-run seventh inning and the Reds ended a five-game losing streak, rallying from the early deficit to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday.

"There was no panic at all -- the last thing we needed to do was panic," catcher Jason LaRue said. "We needed to go out and get some hits, get guys over and get them into scoring position and do the little things.

Today, we were able to capitalize on that."

The Reds need to keep playing like they did in this game and like they were playing at the beginning of the season if they want to get somewhere this year, hopefully this series against the D'Backs will be very good, if you like sports betting don't miss the chance to bet on a series such exciting as this one.


Felipe Lopez, SS. 2. Adam Dunn, LF. Ken Griffey Jr., CF.

4. Austin Kearns, RF. 5.

Scott Hatteberg, 1st B. 6. Edwin Encarnacion, 3rd B. 7. Jason LaRue, C. 8.

Ryan Freel, 2nd B. 9. Dave Williams, P.

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