Bowling Still Cool After All These Years

Bowling is a game we associate with our childhood and teenage years. Even our parents remember bowling when they were young. Many people continue to bowl throughout their lives. Bowling is the young and the old.In fact, bowling has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, because it is one of the most exhilarating ways to pass an afternoon or weekend. The moment when your turn comes is exciting: you cool and dry your palms for the perfect grip; you choose your ball, not too heavy, not too light; you pause, take a deep breath, and then you take one step, then two, and then you are off, you release the ball and the momentum carries it down towards the pins, until it strikes!.

Tips for improving your game.Concentration.This is the most vital aspect of a good bowling game, but also the most difficult. Bowling takes place at a bowling alley where there is always lots of activity.

But you have to learn to tune out and tune into your game.Posture.Your body position is also important to get right. Stand tall, but not stiff. Your legs should be slightly bent, your head high, but loose.The Best Ball.

It's you and your ball out there, so make sure you choose your ball well. It shouldn't be too heavy and it shouldn't be too light. It needs just the right amount of weight that you can comfortably control.Have Fun!.The final and most important part of improving your bowling game is to have fun.

A good bowler is a bowler that knows how to have fun. Taking it all too seriously will definitely spoil your game, and your ball will most certainly end up in the gutter.

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By: Dylan Miles


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