Dont Expect Alabama to Get Caught Looking Ahead

This would be a slightly tougher situation for Alabama if not for their bye week off the huge victory over Florida two Saturday's ago in Tuscaloosa. They've had plenty of time to regain their focus (not sure they were caught up in the hoopla to begin with), and they sure sound like a team that is looking forward to getting back on the field.Also good id the fact that no one is talking about Tennessee next week. Alabama's players understand they have business to take care of on Saturday. as they also remember the butt kicking they took by an Eli Manning-led Rebels squad 2 years ago in Oxford.The Tide will want to pound the ball against Ole Miss' over matched front, but QB Brody Coyle has shown (especially two weeks ago) he can hurt teams through the air, also.

The overmatch Rebels are in a position that they must pick their poison in this game, stack up on the run and enable mismatches down field, or play straight up and get pushed around all day.Alabama's offense is also clicking at the right time, as they have been been putting up 30 points on a regular basis the last four games.With the kind of heat the Bama defense will be bringing on Ole Miss QB Michael Spurlock, I'm looking for this kid to continue to make bad decisions, and is ripe for the picking. Can't imaging Ole Miss putting much on the board, actually, they could get shutout!!.

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By: John Onan


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