Houston Texans Year

Will the Houston Texans fourth year be the one when they finally defeat the Colts and move forward? The Fans are ready and think so. What does the 2005 draft tell us?.Now that Houston has completed their draft and are moving forward to their training camp, central questions still remain to be answered.Have they acquired the linemen to protect the quarterback? Have they found the pass rushers to set the opponent's quarterback on his back side? By looking at the Texans draft picks, you can get an idea of what direction they are headed.The first obvious need is for a consistent blind side protector for David Carr. With six of the seven picks going for defenseive personnel, it seems that the coaches think they have a solution to the quarterback protection question.

Will this solution be in the form of their fifth round pick? This pick was used to draft Drew Hodgdon, a center from Arizona State. His abilities tend to lean to the potential for solving this problem. According to the Texans, Drew is an "explosive interior blocker best in a small area." He has played center with the ability to play several spots on the offensive line. Is playing the left tackle a "small area?.

To provide the push to take down the opposing quarterback, the Texans need a good strong nose tackle as back up to Seth Payne. Perhaps the first pick, Travis Johnson, out of Florida State was selected for this joob. He is a good defensive tackle with a proven record on defense. However, would he be better at nose tackle or defensive tackle? This is where he has had his training and proven himself.One other major need is the OLB.

The Texans picked Kenneth Pettway of Grambling with experience in this position. Since this was the seventh pick, one has to wonder about his abilities to make a carrer as a pro football player. Kenneth is a big man with good closing speed. He needs to break away from the blocker quicker. In a 34defense, he is best suited as an OLB but could play several locations.Other draft picks were nice for the offense, and may become excellent players , but appear to have been picked because they "were the best athlete on the board at that time.

" We will probably see them shifted into new positions or used in tandum with the starters on the team.

.Garth Belkins is the senior sports writer for 365SportsNews.


By: Garth Belkin


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