Rock Climbing Gear

Rock climbing is a sport that involves climbing steep rocky terrain. It is a very exciting sport that involves a lot of physical exertion and challenge. However, rock climbing can be very dangerous, if not done properly. There are basically two kinds of rock climbing: aid climbing (use of gears like rope, ladders and bolts) and free climbing (no gear is used except for safety). Other kinds of rock climbing are: sport climbing, top-rope climbing, solo climbing, bouldering, traditional climbing, mountaineering and indoor climbing.

There are certain techniques generally used for rock climbing: tying in, leading, abseiling, lowering and others.Using the right kind of gear not only makes rock climbing easier, but also safe. Some basic rock climbing equipment includes: ropes, cords, webbing, carabiners, harnesses, belay devices (sticht plate, ATC, Gri-Gri, Figure Eight), Descenders (figure eight, rescue eight, ATC), Ascenders, protection devices (nuts, hexcenters, spring loaded camming devices), sewn runners, helmets, climbing harnesses (fully adjustable or partly adjustable), climbing screws, pulleys, trekking pole, pitons, haul bag, bouldering mat, and holds. Special training equipment for climbing includes: grip savers, fingerboards, campus boards and more. Check out the equipment before buying it. It should be safe, comfortable and the right size.

Some of the most popular rock climbing gear brands are: Black Diamond, Volcom, Nixon, Oakley, Smith, Spy, The North Face, Nikita, Eagle Creek, Dakine, Mountain Hardwear and others. Climbing equipment has to be certified by the International Federation of Mountaineering Associations (UIAA) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Rock climbing equipment can also be purchased online.

Some rock climbing clubs lend most of the required gear for their members. There are also stores that rent out climbing gear.

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By: Jimmy Sturo


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