Terry Labontes Darlington Dreams

It was the year 1978 that the NASCAR rookie Terry Labonte took his chances on one of the most unforgiving and aggressive tracks on the Nascar circuit. This track happened to be Darlington Raceway. With 21 years experience and a stellar career in Nascar, Terry Labonte is once again about to try this track and all its glory. This track has a very peculiar shape, where it is meant to be an oval yet it more represents an egg in shape.

This is by no means a track for the faint of heart; it will shock and startle the best of veterans, and rattle the wet behind the ears rookies. Pretty scary when you consider that this was the track that Terry Labonte decided to make their Nascar debut. What is even more impressive is that not only did he make his start on this wild track he came in forth overall. This is a wonderful feat for a rookie that was just new to the whole idea of 190 mph traffic.

After the first race of his pro career, the Texan Terry Labonte, was well received by the fans, the media, as well as the counterparts that he was competing with. This carved a path to stardom for this young driver, and he has never looked back. Now Terry has set his sights on the final trip to this wonderful track that holds so many mystiques. There are never promises of good outcomes on any track, least of which Darlington Raceway, yet this has not in any way deterred the ever pleasant and soft-spoken Labonte. He is there for the chance to test this track one more time in his illustrious career.

This is like saying goodbye to an old friend; he intends to do this in style. By giving the fans exactly what they deserve, a great race.

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By: Mark Barnes


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