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It feels great when you are watching an intense game and the team you are rooting for wins. Hasn't there ever come a time where you are looking at that final score and think to your self, "I knew that was going to happen!" After all, you know your team very well, you know the statistics of every player, you know every play to every game they have played and considering who the opposing team is, you know when a win is coming on. Does it ever dawn on you what a shame it was that you never wagered on the games you think would have won, because you know you would make some money? If this sounds familiar, maybe you have what it takes to be a great sport's handicapper! Maybe, you did know your potential, but did not know how to go about taking the necessary steps because you didn't know where to go.

Maybe, you just don't understand the language involved. The potential to make a little money, by wagering against someone who has or has not wagered before, could go a long way, especially when you know what you are talking about. As an avid sports fan, what better way to combine your love for the sport, in combination with the talent of prediction, to make a little money?

As you read on, you'll find information that you can use to take those first steps.

Here are some common wagering terms, a few strategies to think about, and a few resources to know about. There are basic terms that are helpful to know in order to get a jumpstart. Terms include: bookie, wagering- including point spreads/moneylines, underdog, straight wagers and parlays, and then buying points. There are other terms to know as you get better at the wagering process, but if you pay attention they will come to be understood easily. You might as well take advantage of every little bit of information that you obtain.

I mean, you will be paying for it or getting paid for it depending on how much you are able to take in.

Bookie: A bookie or bookmaker is someone or someplace you would go to place a wager. The bookie normally can provide you with team dividing lines (odds of teams that have wins vs. losses, or odds that others place the teams as far as the teams' capability of winning in a game.) In other words, the bookie normally has values specified when talking about the differences between two certain teams.

When dealing with a bookie, know that there most likely will be certain situations that may require a fee. They are the middle man so-to-speak. They generally have several clients at a time that wager. Depending on the outcome of wins or losses, they either pay out or collect money.

It can be compared to a lottery.

Wagering: You, as a sports fan, would like to place a wager with monetary means against odds that point toward a possible win or loss when talking about a specific team game or individual game play. There are basically, but not limited to, using two different methods of the wager. These two ways are the point spread, money line with straight wagers and parlays. A point spread can be defined as a headstart in which your favorite team "gives" to the underdog and vise versa. The underdog being the team that is less likely to win due to past losses of the season.

I'm sure you are aware as a fan of the sport, that underdog teams sometimes make comebacks.

Ok, back to point spreads. There are two ways to decide how your point spread can go. The first would be, you could place a wager on an underdog team for a certain point spread.

For example, lets say 1.5. This would be "taking the points". You will win your wager if the underdog score PLUS 1.

5 points is GREATER than your favorite teams score. On the opposite side of the coin, you can "give the points", if your favorite team's scores LESS 1.5 points the score was GREATER than the underdog's score. This may take a few rounds of betting each way to get the hang of it. It can be suggested to start wagering low at first unless you are a huge risk taker. A moneyline means picking a team to win outright.

This is more common in football. All this means is how much you have to risk in order to win $100.

Straight wagers: A straight wage is a single wager on a single game. (This is where the moneyline comes in). For example, as an Arizona fan, I want to wager on the fact that Arizona will beat San Francsisco 14-7.

Then Arizona wins 14-7, exactly. I at this point am smiling from ear to ear and wondering where my next vacation will take place because I have now won. There is no under/over score to cover.

Straight wagering can be determined by a point spread's odds. The bookie can help with knowing these odds if you aren't too comfortable with your own team's statistics, past winnings, odds, etc. It is common to the art of wagering that this method can mean you wager more to win less. You really would have to guarantee yourself the exact score to know you are going to win big.

Parlays: A parlay is when you would pick teams or totals, then combine them in a single play. You have the option of deciding on having under/or over score points. You have to wager on a group of two or more games where your pick in each game must beat the point spread. In this type of wagering you have to have some degree of accuracy, because you have to make sure that your pick of scores on your pick of play wins. An example could be you decided to wager on Arizona against Utah 14-7 in the first play after halftime.

If this comes true, you win. This is a simple example but simplified to make the process a little more understandable. It is common in this type of method that people have tried get "rich quick".

The reasoning behind this is because those who think they have the process understood may feel it to be less risky and can win more. How many combinations of scores and plays are there? How accurate do you think you can be? These are things to think about and if your degree of accuracy is "on the money", so to speak, maybe this is the method for you. In any case, just KNOW YOUR STUFF!!!

Buying points: You can actually buy points to your advantage when wagering in football.

You can even buy half points. Generally these buying points can be bought on the side or bought on for the final score. The general cost of buying half a point comes to 10 cents on the dollar. As other fees may apply, the bookie is the information source that can go into more detail of how this system works and how these points can apply to the score that you determine will be the score to make or break you. Just be patient, be willing to learn, and at least when you start to wager especially with wanting to buy points, realize that it is possible that 100 dollars will be a starting point as a down payment.

As far as strategies to think about, you must realize at least two things: The first is that you know football is a sport and nothing is 100% guaranteed. Know the odds or dividing lines of teams that you plan on wagering for and against. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! This will make the communication between you and your bookie a lot easier. You can understand what the booking information means.

Plus, you won't look ridiculous, you will just look like you are curious and looking out for your best interest in literally putting your money where your mouth is.

A second strategy would include thinking about the possibility of what you can lose when you decide to wager a certain amount. Remember that the art of wagering is not an exact science and where there are wins, there are losses. Finding the right place to place wagers is necessary.

There are ways to research bookmaking connections. The Internet is a great way to find information. Wagering on-line can be a way to start. It can allow anyone who wants to put up some money against another sports fan in real time. There are online sites that provide radio and television schedules for commentaries, sports news and information for those who can use the information in placing wagers. There are also live radio lines and television programs that can provide the same services as mentioned.

In short, it is known that wagering has improved the enjoyment of watching sports and it takes the sports fan to a whole new level when it comes to the love of the sport. Having confidence in your team and willing to put something on the line to show support for your team can be in itself a rewarding and enjoying experience. Happy wagering!.

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