Traditional Archery And Target Panic Calming The Mind

The one constant symptom of target panic, the one that is always in the background, is mental tension. It is the tension that stems from attempting to fight the overwhelming urge to loosen the arrow. Sure, freezing, snap shooting, flinching, and a premature release are some of the more common physical symptoms, and the ones we discuss and dissect ad nauseam, but mental tension or acute mental stress is always there as we fight the mental war to overcome the incredible urge to release the arrow.It is logical to assume that if there were some way to rid the mind of this tension, if there were a way to calm the mind while shooting, then the physical symptoms of target panic like freezing and early release et al. would disappear. This was my thinking anyway as I began research into meditation and deep breathing exercises in an attempt to cure my target panic.

I spent several weeks working on this theory of calming the mind to cure target panic. Before each practice session I would meditate for several minutes while focusing on my breathing. I know it sounds esoteric and "new age", but I was willing to try anything for a cure. I did feel more at ease before shooting, but I found that my pre-shot relaxed state did little to curb my target panic. The learned behavior of releasing too soon and the accompanying symptoms were simply too strong to overcome with relaxation exercises.

The voice in the back of my head screaming, "release!" was still there.Given how ingrained target panic can become and the difficulty in overcoming it, it is no wonder an equally powerful solution is needed. I don't care how calm your mind is; if the target panic is strong enough (like mine was) it will override a calm mind every time. I did manage to cure myself of target panic a couple of years later using a technique called the Push Release.


Michael Linsin is a former staff writer for US & International Archer Magazine and the author of a top selling book called Archery Strong: The 30-Minute Strength Training Program Designed Specifically For Archers (http://www.ArcheryStrong.com). He is also the creator of The Push Release DVD target panic cure for traditional archers (http://www.

PushRelease.com).Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Linsin.


By: Michael Linsin


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