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An extreme sport (also known as an action sport) is a general, somewhat hazily-defined term for any of several newer sports involving adrenaline-inducing action. They often feature a combination of speed, height, danger and spectacular stunts. Levels of danger vary widely, but there is always an element an "extreme" factor that causes an adrenaline rush which keeps participants loyal to their sport. Some participants termed 'adrenaline junkies' develop an obsession with their sport and even claim to be "addicted to adrenaline".

Extreme sports are most often pursued by young adults who wish to push their own limits of fear and physical ability, and in doing so, also help to push the limits of their sport as a whole. Because of this youthful demographic, extreme sports often attract their own kind of youth culture with associated clothing fashions and music...


Though it isn't currently listed in the RC.com Routes Database Laurel Knob is an area with which every climber in the right half of the US should aquaint him or herself. Recently, one of the most active climbing communities in the US, the Carolina Climbers Coalition, inked a deal to purchase this historically off-limits area for $250,000. What does the climbing community ...


The South Fork American is one of the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in the western United States. It jostles over friendly Class II-III rapids and meanders through the historic gold-mining town of Coloma. The Middle Fork American careens through a secluded canyon over numerous Class IV rapids including infamous Tunnel Chute Rapid. The North Fork American relies ...

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